Monday, November 22, 2010


Besides gambling, Las Vegas has a plethora of shows. The best show on the strip can be found at the MGM Grand and it's name is KA
KA- A Cirque du Soleil Show 
(Photo Credit: Google Images)

KA is a spectacular, acrobatic live performance which tells the tale of two Imperial twins, a brother and sister, who are separated during an attack on their Palace. They travel through many terrains and embark in hard journeys to be reunited together and claim their land. 
(Photo Credit: Google Images)

The show has a narrative story unlike the other Cirque shows and is easy to follow from beginning to end. Instead of dialogue, the story is told through music and actions. The stage is ever changing and the sets become things never imagined. 

If you're in Vegas this is one show not worth missing! I've seen it twice and it's worth the time and money. I also suggest picking up the soundtrack in the gift shop after the performance. The music is inspiring and you'll find yourself humming it for hours. 

The show is located at the MGM Grand and reservations are recommended. Prices begin at $116.00 but can be found on discount ticket sites for less. 


Steph S. said...

We watched a Circ Du Soleil show... Zumanity, which was totally nasty and fun - at the time, it was running at NYNY. They are so amazing at what they do!

JMJE said...

One of my best friends lives in Vegas but I never go to shows. Next time I'm definitely going to a show and this looks like a good one.