Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips to Survive Airport Security

Embarking on a relaxing vacation often means going through one last obstacle course of stress...
Airport Security
Once getting checked in with the airline, it's off to the security screening checkpoint. If you're prepared and ready then breezing through, stress free shouldn't be a problem. Here's a few tips that greatly increase your chances of having a stress free journey through security. 

1. Liquids out! They say that every airport follows the same guidelines but just to be on the safe side take all of the liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols out of your bags. Currently, passengers are allowed to carry any of these thru as long as they are under 3.4 ounces/100ml. 

Keep them in a plastic zip lock bag and located in one of the outside pockets of your bag. That why you can unzip your bag and easily retrieve them. Once on the other side of security you can place them anywhere in your bag. 

2. Electronics! Large electronics such as a laptops, breathing machines and large gaming systems such as an xbox or wii need to be removed from bags and placed separately in a bin. Smaller items such as reading devices, hand held games and cellphones can be left inside bags. One thing they don't want out is the cords, so neatly packing them separate from electronics will hurry up the process.
So case in point, leaving only the laptop in your sleeves without the cords will allow it to be placed in a bin, without the sleeve/protective gear needing to be removed. 

3. Garments. Bulky clothing such as scarves, jackets, hats and bulky sweaters need to be taken off (if comfortable) and placed in bins as well. If it's cold out, think about removing your scarf or hat once you've warmed up while checking in. That way you won't be standing at security trying to juggle your belongings and bulky clothing items. 

4. Shoes. Unless you're working for the airlines or at the airport then your shoes must be removed. Special cases do exists for people who are unable to remove their shoes but if you can physically remove your shoes then be prepared to send them through the x-ray. 

Wear clean socks or bring a pair that you can put on (if barefoot inside your shoes) because most airports do not clean their floors until the middle of the night. 

Following these tips can often help for a more speedy process through airport security and will ensure you getting to your destination on time! 


Anonymous said...

Great tips! I could have definitely used this a couple months ago! I will keep it in mind next time I fly! Thanks!!

Stephanie the PW said...

FAntastic tips! Super helpful, and your writing is way more friendly and helpful than the always technical airline sites. They make me feel nervous when it comes to traveling!

ABW said...

Okay, can I take balloons through security to meet Gunner?